Engage a Speaker Who Presents Important Information with a Light & Witty Touch


Victoria Leo is available for short talks (5-25 min) for service and other organizations, seminars (1-2 hours), hands-on workshops, inspiration (any length), wisdom/sermons for religious organizations, and all-weekend special events (combining yoga, Reiki, group hypnotherapy, creativity workshops, interpersonal challenges workshops, nutrition/cooking, forming the exercise habit, reducing unwanted habits – powerful and fun).


Most popular topics in business:

  • Improve Your Selling Success thru Personality Typing
    Instead of using the same pitch with all prospects, learn my technique of rapidly assessing the personality type and then plugging in messages that will resonate with that prospect. Everyone isn’t motivated by greed!
  • Make Your Marketing Messages “Sticky”
    Prospects are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. Research shows that some of them “stick” – and are effective.  How do you make sure that yours are?
  • Connect with “Connectors” in Your Community
    A small percentage of people in your network are connectors – people who have a large acquaintance and a willingness (without your prompting) to connect people with each other. How do you identify and woo these key actors so that you get the referrals you need?
  • Creativity Workshop
    Creativity isn’t something you have to be born with, and it’s not the province of artists alone.  Your business needs creative problem-solving.  Book this hands-on workshop, custom crafted for your specific needs.
  • Leadership Lessons of Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert E. Lee and Ernest Shackleton

What are the non-situation-specific keys to their inspirational leadership?


Most popular topics in health/wellness/improving your life/inspiration:


  • How Does Your Body Really Work (30 hour series, can be excerpted)
  • Exploring Your Immune Response
  • Supporting Weight Loss:  Create Your Personal “Rat Park”
  • 101 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes or Less: Nutrition for People Who Hate to Cook
  • Meditation for People Who Hate to Sit Still
  • Where Do You Go When You Just Can’t Forgive?
  • Building a Life That Matters


Satisfied customers range from banks to Unitarian Universalist congregations, from realtors to Chambers of Commerce, from the United Way to libraries, from health food store education programs to bookstores.


Victoria taught college part-time for many years and managed to make business, pre-med, sociology, anthropology and psychology fun and exciting.  Check out www.RateMyProfessors.com