BOOKS To Support Your Journey to Physical and Emotional Strength



  1. 101 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes or Less: A Year of Recipes for the Harried Family Cook, 2013


For anyone who hates cooking, or doesn't know how to cook really healthy, really quick, this is the book!  Very clear, very easy recipes, plus pages of nutrition explanations and guidance to turn anyone into a healthy-cooking genius. Nothing healthy can ever light up your brain like a hot-fudge sundae, but these give your body what it needs for long-term good health, and taste great too!  105 pp.

Only $5.48. From Amazon or your local bookstore, and only 99 cents on Kindle.  Special low-price so that everyone can afford healthy living. Provided free with most health coaching packages.

2. Journey Out of SAD: Beat the Seasonal Blues!  2nd Edition Publication Date: July 30, 2016!  


A comprehensive look at EFFECTIVE cures for the crippling depression and lethargy that comes over you during dreary winter months [or sunny summers]. Chapters explain cures that are easy and inexpensive before moving into the slightly more expensive. An entire chapter of dangerous "cures" and charts to allow you to customize your own plan! Don't stay a victim - you CAN beat the blues without drugs in most cases.


Make sure you get the 2nd Edition!  [Costs even less than the 1st edition!]  
Kindle version under 99 cents.  Provided free to clients of SAD and depression services.

Journey Out of Sad
By Victoria C. Leo

3.  Salle and the Alien Invasion


What if humans are the aliens? This "sweet story" of inter-species adoption features stunning art and a powerful, satisfying story.  An ecological catastrophe is facing Ruala and its ocean-living people. Can the aliens help? Can Salle get a new parent?  

Youngsters love to hear the story read. Older kids can read it themselves.


Available on Amazon ($10.95), Kindle, and your local bookseller.

Salle and the Alien Invasion
By Victoria C. Leo

4. Take Back Your Lost Heart: A Toolkit for Living With Courage & Caring in the Turbulent 21st Century


A comprehensive guide to reconnecting to your courage, your inner fire and your deep values, with specific techniques that anyone can follow, no matter how busy they are. You are guided to create a personalized map for your individual journey to re-ignite your Life and connect to your wellsprings of courage - your lost heart. Appendices and references.

> Inspiration and how-tos for those suffering financial or career stress 

> A complete program of mental training, to transform your stress and striving into a peaceful, energetic, focused effort that will either lead you to the goal you desire, or will lead you to deeper clarity and wisdom about the goal you should be seeking!


This book is provided to clients of most coaching services.  You can buy a print version from your local bookseller or Amazon. 

Ebook version available only from

Take Back Your Lost Heart
By Victoria C. Leo


o makeup, hair wet from the shower - to emphasize that you need to get your exercise, not spend unnecessary time cooking.  You CAN get healthy meals in 5 minutes of prep time!