Do you suffer from chronic pain?  Painful joints due to arthritis?  Fibromyalgia?  Pain caused by another underlying medical condition?  Or pain that has persisted after the underlying problem was healed?  The common back pain?

You are not doomed to either pain or powerful drugs.

Two mainstream medical techniques - Reiki and hypnotherapy - have a powerful impact on pain and a long track-record of success.

Come explore them, along with some fun secondary techniques, in this step-by-step mini-class!


The class includes some special discounts!  If you are ready to move ahead without exploring the class, jump on board the focused program: 

Pain-Free Forever - Without Drugs!

As the class explains, both Reiki and clinical hypnotherapy are mainstream medical techniques that can not only stop pain in its tracks (this is the medically-proven part) but can, in many cases, also heal the underlying medical condition, if there is one (solid medical proof for some underlying conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia; less solid for cancer and other conditions).  

In this special intensive for people who are sick and tired of being in pain and want a SERIOUS SOLUTION - RIGHT NOW! - you get:

4 sessions of Reiki and hypnotherapy customized to your pain condition, or 3 sessions plus training in Reiki so you can continue self-healing forever. You also get a published text on Reiki, and a Healing Chakra circle or stone.  There are no shipping costs to you for any of the items that will be mailed.