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Want to start enjoying the fun of creative writing, without caring about Other People's Opinions (selling, publishing)?  This is the place!

Are you a professional writer who wants to banish Writer's Block forever?  This is the place!!

The two keys to joy, to better quality writing and to more productivity as a writer are:  
1) better skills and
2) clearing all deep blockages from your creative soul.

You CAN do both - and you deserve the joy that comes from bringing both new worlds and imagined and realized people to life.  


FREE classes for writers - creating engaging non-fiction, banishing writer's block are posted on this page!

When you have drunk deep of the content that is free and are ready to take deeper and more effective action toward your goals, commit to a program!



End WRITER'S BLOCK - Forever

What would your life be like if writer's block and other creative "dead zones" were eliminated?  Commit to this intro to breaking up creative blockages and watch your soul come alive again.  In your personalized 8 hour program, you can turn your life around.  What's it worth to you to get your life productivity (and income!) back - forever?  Think about a life without fear and without writer's block - ever......

As a working author, I understand the deep issues that can drive intermittent writer's block from a practical viewpoint as well as have years of experience helping other writers.  You DON'T need simplistic cookbook approaches (by people presenting turnkey workshops), you don't need overly-complex therapy and you DO need to stop blaming yourself!!  You are not lazy, you are not more neurotic than people who never have writer's block [they are either lying or never take chances with their art, trust me!], and you are not doomed.  Having your productive, creative time wasted is not an inevitable part of the writing life, whether you are doing it as your primary living or you are pursuing side income or no income at all!  You deserve to have ideas and words flow from your fingers, like a mighty stream.

I have 5 years experience using this program to get actual results that work, for writers both professional and recreational.  You deserve to have your full creative potential, free of crippling "blocks."  Take action now!

How does the program work?


We will have a FREE introductory meeting via phone or video, to determine if this is the right program for you.

* Moving forward, our first working meeting (live, by phone or video) will delve into the circumstances that trigger writer's block: are there buried beliefs from childhood, are there fears, are you attempting something that you don't know how to do?  As an experienced barrier-buster, I can zero in on the key questions.  Like a professional archaeologist or paleontologist knows where to look for fossils, I can zero in on the most important issues that affect YOU - and do it quickly.

* Once the coaching interview has identified the key areas, we can work through them, one by one, using deep  techniques of hypnotherapy, guided journeys, EFT and advanced Reiki that get at the taproots of the problem and zap them into non-existence.  

* An ongoing gift of this program is that you will from this point forward, always know what is going on within yourself: you will know if your deep mind is starting to balk because it doesn't know how to do what you want done (so you can get yourself some additional education on that technique ASAP) or whether a deep issue is starting to be triggered - so you can stop the  triggering before it sets off an cascade of boulders that will block you from your wellsprings of productivity.

You owe it to yourself to set yourself FREE of the writer's block demon - forever.  

Only $350 for the complete program.  This program has been a big hit in WA state and is now available anywhere in the world via video.

Going Indie - Is It For Me? 

I have been published by Prentice-Hall and both major and minor publishing houses.  I know the joys and challenges of publication by an established "name" publisher - and I know the state of the art in 2016. This industry is massively restructuring and you need to know what's true today, not what was true five years ago.  

I have also published independently and know the joys and challenges.  

Book the 30 Day Kick Start or sign up for a la carte coaching (more expensive) and I will coach you to the right economic and personal decision to achieve your actual goals.  You may care about nothing but money.  You may have other goals, like control of the content.  I will make sure that you understand and consider them all - factually and actually.  Then whatever choice you make will be a decision you will be happy with forever.  Only the bare, unalloyed truth can set you free.

Writing Joyfully for Non-Publication

Our culture is so obsessed with money and credentials.  What you sell it for equals its actual value.  If you don’t sell it, the assumption is that it’s no good.  No one asks you if your intention was to sell it.  Why do we let the relentless evaluation-based-on-whether-you-make-money take control of our mind-space, and destroy a potentially beautiful and important source of joy in our lives?

Welcome to the idea of writing specifically for non-publication!  We’re not talking about the hopeful novel that just doesn’t work.  We are not talking about the non-fiction proposal that lights no editor’s fire.  This is not failure to achieve the Real Goal of publication!!

Writing for Non-Publication is a radically different type of writing – writing that we are doing, from the depths of our souls.  Writing for Non-Publication is pure self-expression! We do NOT then mutilate or denigrate our soul’s outpouring, to serve the totally different needs of the marketplace.

Let me explain.

To write for publication is to harness whatever skills you have to serve the needs of buyers – editors and then readers.  Of course.  They are paying for the work, so they play the tune and you dance.  Any writer who is a successful creator of Stuff That Sells is creating a product for a Buyer.  Listen to Sarah Waters:  “Writing fiction [or non-fiction, for publication] is not self-expression or therapy.  Novels are for readers, and writing them means the crafty, patient, selfless construction of affects.”

If we create exactly what we want to create – without crafting the product that the Buyers want – and it doesn’t sell, we beat ourselves up.  And we should!  If you want people to buy, create what they want!  Pull up your socks and get your ego out of the way. 


We need the self-expression.  We even need the therapy.  We need to take back the right to Write for Non-Publication.  We need to forgive ourselves for all the years that we believed that we were less-than because our Non-Publication outpourings did not sell.  We need to forgive ourselves for allowing the relentless marketplace roar to warp our discernment of the purpose of our writing and the value of the work that we do without giving a damn what anyone else thinks of it.

This is the true glory and value of Writing for Non-Publication.  This is writing that doesn’t ask for audience participation, feedback, a score or an evaluation.  It is writing that is absolutely for us, and us alone.  There are no Buyers.  Words, images, ideas and feeling-states can be what they are, without editing.  Feel the burden of constant evaluation fall away.  Feel how freeing it is to create un-craftily, without relentlessly focusing on where enough Someone Else’s like it.  See what flows out of you, when the flow is Just For You.

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Want to spend some time improving your writing? This weekly group isn't focused on selling.  We are focused on getting to be better writers!  Fiction or non-fiction.  All genres.  The practice that we do hones the skills that we need to create lively and engaging work.  Email and join the group.  Also sign up for the Creativity Hangouts - some weeks it's writing and when it's not, the non-writing activities enhance your creative soul, which will pour forth onto the page!