Recent feedback from international visitors:  
"I have worked with several spiritual people and healers, in Japan and the US, and Victoria is the best - the real deal."  
"One workshop worth the whole cost of the trip - and that includes the Redwoods and Mt. Shasta!"  
"Absolutely amazing healing, I am still feeling it a week later."


A Seattle massage therapist says:

"After my Reiki I class, my business is booming and I am able to protect myself from energy drains."


“Your energy is clear and pure. I feel very safe in your hands and I recommend you wholeheartedly.”
— Esther, Reiki Master, Raleigh, NC

"I felt very calm all evening [after a 15-min sample session]. I slept very soundly, was relaxed all Sunday and went to work on Monday happier than I ever have before. Reiki works!"  Julie, Bellevue, WA

“ I slept for ten hours after my first session. [Wanted insomnia cure.] I am going to train to do this for myself.”
— Richard, Everett, WA

"When I had my accident at work, you put your hands on my head until the paramedics arrived. I don't know how - because I was freaking out - but I felt warmth and "chill" come over me. I was completely calm the whole time I was in the hospital [2 days]. I'm so glad that I have a co-worker who is also a Reiki master."   Marian, Raleigh, NC

"Thanks to you, I see low-back pain ending its reign of terror over my life. I have my life back."  Craig, Salem OR

"Combining Reiki with imagery [Guided Journeys] was incredible. I saw more healing from one session with you than I had from months of other [therapies]. You zeroed in on exactly the images and the issues that I needed to heal, and you gave me workable tools to take away. It's been over three weeks now and I can't believe how my life has changed."  Richard, Auburn, WA

“I said I had a headache [migraine] coming on and would have to leave the conference early. I am so glad that I said “Yes” when you asked if you could help. I felt a little funny having someone reaching over to cup my head, but ten minutes later it was like I had never had the headache. Totally gone. I am signing up to learn Reiki - I never heard of it before.”
— Amy, Miami, FL

"I'm so glad that you refused to work with me unless I was also getting traditional medical care. I found a good holistic family doctor. Now I have alternative care [Reiki] and a good MD too. It really is the best way to get well."  Athena, Eugene, OR

"I received a session as a birthday gift and I dragged my feet - don't like people touching me. Don't know why I didn't read the part about how your hands hover. Anyway, five minutes into the session, I was so relaxed, I felt like I had known you all my life. And I felt so relaxed and happy for the next two days. I'm telling everyone what I want this year for Christmas - more of this stuff!"  Amador, Moses Lake, WA

“I never heard of reiki but I said “Sure” when you volunteered. WOW! I slept so well. Everyone else was keyed up about the competition; I was the only one who slept. And I did really well. Can’t wait to see you again!”
— Edie, Ellensberg, WA