30 DAY KICK-START PROGRAM - Big Changes in a Short Intensive


The ONLY way to make big changes in your life is to follow this formula:

> Clearly define what change you want.  "I want to get healthier" is not actionable.  "I want to be mostly pain-free most days, I want to exercise 20 minutes/day, and I want to lose 25 pounds" are actionable.  The Roadmap Meeting of every program ends with an image of what "happiness" looks like to you, so we can turn that into actionable goals.

>  Use effective techniques to drive change.  Hypnotherapy is the fastest, most powerful way to make changes in your habits - to start doing X and stop doing Y - and Reiki energy + coaching are the tools that most powerfully support this.  Reiki journeys plus coaching is pretty powerful on its own!  

Motivational cheerleading doesn't lead to lasting change.  It can't sustain you long-term.  Willpower falls apart when a long-term goal is competing with a short-term desire for pleasure or escape (from an intolerable, stressful situation).  The tools I use bypass your brain's short-term pleasure-seeking and it ignores techniques that have been proven, over and over and over again, to not work!  

> Make a solid COMMITMENT to small changes and be absolutely impeccable with your commitment.  SMALL changes relentlessly pursued lead to BIG shifts over time, when supported by regular hypnotherapy and/or reiki journeys with a skilled, licensed changemaster.  

My clients say that my programs are amazingly successful.  If you are willing to commit to the actions we outline, you WILL have amazing results.

It doesn't matter what your goal is, the components are the same:  clearly define what "success" and "happiness" look like; pick small changes and absolutely commit to them; use effective tools.

30 Day Blast Through Barriers Program

In this program, we start with a road map session where we decide on a goal to accomplish.  Then you commit to 3 full-length hypnotherapy journeys, supported by 2 hours of detailed coaching and advisement, and complete at home assignments in 1 free book, along with workbooks specific to your goal. 

In 30 days, if you work diligently, you will see powerful changes!  You will have more joy in your heart and your relationships, your career/business confidence and execution will have shifted and you will be more alive and energized on all levels. You will have stopped surviving and started truly living!

$675, for a powerful, focused calendar month of transformation.


90 Day Blast Through Barriers Program (sign up for the 30 Day program x 3)

Beginning with a Roadmap session, we start executing on the plan with 10 in-depth journeys, supported by 13 coaching sessions of various lengths, and weekly at-home assignments to accelerate the smashing of the barriers that are keeping you from a life of vibrant joy and health.  

If you are ready to really make the problem be GONE, the 90 days gives you more traction on blasting your barrier to dust.  Many barriers can be completely demolished in 90 days.  All barriers will be significantly weakened.  You WILL be a different person at the end of this program.