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Summer and Fall 2018:

Stress-Busting: Not the Usual Suspects!  

Stress is killing you.... really...... and you have to take action.  But sitting meditation is boring or you want to do more.  Get ready to combine amazing FUN with powerful and EFFECTIVE ACTION.  The 156 tools you will learn - and practice in class until they are solidified in your habit list - will change your life.
Want more energy to get more done and feel wonderful while you do it? Check!  Want to live an average of 7 more healthy years than people who don't effectively stress-bust?  Check!  Want to wake up every morning convinced that this is going to be a genuinely happy day?  Check!  Based on 101 Stress Busters for Energy, Joy & Healthy Longevity, with more tools added.  [Get the book from Bloomsbury, Amazon, B&N, or direct from the author.]
Each class we will explore 3-5 new tools, with practice time.  You will LOVE at least one of them. 

Phoenix Library, 12-2PM, 1st and 3rd Tues of every month except October.  [I'm doing healing work in Japan and the healing center is open for reduced hours.]  FREE. 

Anxiety and Trauma Healing Group, at Rogue Valley Unitarian Fellowship, Ashland, various dates, email for latest times.  FREE.  Starts July 31st.

Nov 12th, Ashland Food Co-Op:  Pain Free Without Drugs. 7PM.  

50 or over?:  Victoria teaches fun classes on writing, anthropology, astronomy, psychology, health.... and there are Special Interest Groups on Human Evolution, Domestication, etc. and Astronomy.  Only $125/year for unlimited classes.  Check out OLLI!


Last weekend  of every month: Take control of your life!  The very best, fastest and most powerful way to reduce the health costs of stress is with Reiki energy healing.  Even the AMA says it works, for pain control and for anxiety.  Take Reiki classes!  Reiki I, II and III (master), plus teacher.  If you are already attuned, sign up to upgrade to the new Holy Fire version!  Karuna Reiki Practitioner and master.  Sign up NOW.

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