Akashic Records, goddess energy and other spiritual tools for insight and healing

past lives, dreams & other Intuitive tools


Do you rely exclusively on "figuring it out" when you have a decision to make?  Logical analysis is good, but our logical faculties were never intended to bear the entire burden!  Intuition and connections to wisdom and guidance outside of your own conscious, analytical mind has its role to play as well.  [Hypnotherapy connects you to the power of your unconscious mind as well.]

Here are some very effective intuitive services you can explore: 

  • NEW!! Consult Your Akashic Records

 The Akashic Records are  the history of your life, goals, dreams, emotions, thoughts and feelings.  The Guardians can be consulted for guidance on any area of your current life.  This can be a very powerful exploration of images as well as words, asking "what else should I consider or look into in solving this problem or choosing my path?" and other complex as well as Yes/No questions. The insights can confirm an already considered path or introduce new options. 

  • Harness Your Goddess Energy FREE Webinar

  • Dream Therapy
    The situations, persons, animals and emotions of our dreams can provide valuable insights that are not accessible to your conscious understanding. When you bring a dream into dream therapy, you can de-construct what your intuitive, unconscious mind wants you to know about. Please note: books of “what symbols mean” are useless; a symbol has a meaning that is unique to you and the situation and you can only understand it in the overall context of a particular dream, in your individual life at the present time.

  • Past Life Regression

Past Life Regressions can provide insight into patterns that are creating blockages in your life today.  No, you weren’t Cleopatra or Napoleon in a past life.  What you really were can create unique and valuable shifts in your perception of your current dilemmas, and point you toward solutions that you have never considered.  You will come away with a profound shift in how you view yourself, your strengths and assets, and the truly unique person you have always been.

Intuitive readingsnot to be confused with fortune-telling, please! – can also be very valuable in helping your intuitive, unconscious mind communicate important messages.  I use cards or guided imagery as the physical guide.  Some of my tools include:

  • Norse runes (spiritual language of the Vikings)

  • Angels & Archangels

  • Goddesses (which work for everyone & embrace examples from around the world)

  • Caroline Myss’ archetypes

  • Animal Spirit Guides

  • Wise ones of various traditions

  • Gorgeous art-based card decks: angels, fairies, guardians.

You can purchase this service in increments of 15 minutes.  They are equally effective in person and via video. 

We start by connecting you to the intuitive channel, then the cards choose themselves, depending on what specific wisdom you need to hear at that moment.  Sometimes we need encouragement and calming; sometimes we need a loving kick in the butt, to take action, to let go of what no longer serves, to move or to rest.  

Both intuitive reading and past lives can also be approached purely for entertainment value and there is nothing whatever wrong with this goal.

Try it today!


The ancient Norse/Vikings created a sacred language to communicate with divine energy. Modern people use them as oracles, just like tarot and other “readings.” Breathe deep, center your energy, and choose one or more stones, and consider the message that they bring you.

Each set of the most important and popular 15 symbols/messages, along with Victoria Leo’s unique explanation of their meaning, are packed and presented to you in a crocheted carry-bag in luscious violet (the color of the spiritual crown chakra).

Combined with many complete programs, or buy them separately.