healing products:  NEW!

Clients have asked for more physical products to sustain them between programs and sessions.  These tangible products allow me to embed Reiki and other powerful healing channels in physical objects that you can then place where they are needed!  Touch them and feel the powerful energy flow.


Chakra circle.JPG

Chakra Circles

Chakra Circles are hand-crocheted channels with Reiki and other powerful healing symbols embedded, including the amazing Master Symbol, additional Usui and Karuna symbols, and Holy Fire. Place the circle on the energy center that needs "filling up" and feel yourself absorbing calmness, inspiration, deep content and confidence, as the Master Symbol creates an energy channel through Victoria Leo to the infinite resources of the Universe.

The client beta-testers from Kushiro, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, were astonished as how deeply and completely their energy shifted, after a short session with the Channels. You don't need expensive Reiki Master training..... just relax with Chakra Channels.

The yarn is free. The power is priceless.


Sacred Stones With the Reiki Master Symbol Embedded

A wide selection of gorgeous colored and neutral-colored stones from Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Kauai, Yellowstone, Fraser River Valley, Rotorua (New Zealand), Mammoth Cave and Fairbanks, among others. 

These stones carry the energy of their creation, enhanced by volcanic and/or aurora energies, are then permanently set as healing objects by the Reiki master symbol.  Email for details.

 Rune Stones (15 stones + Carry Bag)

The ancient Norse/Vikings created a sacred language to communicate with divine energy. Modern people use them as oracles, just like tarot and other “readings.” Breathe deep, center your energy, and choose one or more stones, and consider the message that they bring you.

Each set of the most important and popular 15 symbols/messages, along with Victoria Leo’s unique explanation of their meaning, are packed and presented to you in a crocheted carry-bag in luscious violet (the color of the spiritual crown chakra).

Combined with many complete programs, or buy them separately.

Constellation Placemats

All the Zodiac constellations, plus the fun, charismatic constellations and asterisms we all know and love. Most constellations have sewn on stars of accurate color-temperature, but the asterisms like the Dipper are in bright white for maximum visual impact.

Use them in your meditation area - they are all infused with the Reiki master symbol (Dai-ko-myo) and can open a powerful healing Reiki channel whenever you touch it.

A complete set is available, so email now to choose the constellations you want to enjoy. Email to order your special constellation today! victoria@soaringdragon.biz

Wisdom is the ship that will carry us through all troubles, with tears and determination. Hope is the sail that propels the ship, battening down when the winds are too strong, unfurling again at the slightest change in circumstances. And love is the wind that moves us through the waters.
— V. Leo, from the Dec 2018 Subscriber Newsletter