Join me in Soaring With Dragons! 

Living a life of joy, in alignment with your best principles, is your birthright - and I can get it for you, if you let me.  You CAN live the life purpose that you were born for! 

I have worked with hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOU.  

* My clients are entrepreneurs no longer held back by crippling doubts and old fears and beliefs about money and success. 

* My clients have healed from traumas and emerged as vibrant, happy adults, with new lives and enthusiasm.

* They have lost weight and ditched harmful habits; they have embraced the joy and vitality of a life with healthy eating and exercise.

*  They are writers who have banished Writer's Block forever.

They are professionals and entrepreneurs who have demolished barriers that held them prisoner.  
They went into a chrysalis and emerged transformed,
as glorious butterflies.  

You need more than cheerleading and "positive thinking," that pump you up temporarily but don't transform your life.
My programs are based on the real science of how your brain works, combined with powerful energy healing - solutions that TRANSFORM you permanently, in the real world! 


Why stay in a painful situation, live an inauthentic, unfulfilled life or settle for less in life than you deserve?
You are NOT doomed to remain stuck!! 

Take action - and start living the life you deserve...




Who's transforming their lives in NOW?

Anne in Medford, Oregon:  "Working with you with hypnotherapy has blown away the beliefs and barriers that were keeping me from really living.  I feel so ALIVE!  Reading Red State, Blue Heart has inspired me to travel to these places.  It has changed me.  I believe in myself.  My external life hasn't changed all that much yet - although it will, I am making plans - but what's inside me has shifted.  I don't recognize myself.  You've shifted my life onto a new trajectory.  I will continue the journey with you in 2018."

Megume from Puyallup, Washington:  "I love your healing...... I feel calmer, less physical pain."  

Three ladies from Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan:  "Victoria is a real healer."  "I love my chakra circles, the energy flows and I feel energized but calm.  How wonderful."  "Such a powerful healer!"

Andrea from Seattle, Washington:  "I had to have your new books as soon as I could get them, I love your healing work.

James from Washington DC:  "This is a crazy town, and I was needing reliable stress relief.  I love your 5 Tools class, I am addicted, and I intend to do an actual program in November, in time for the holiday insanity.....  The best idea is how I can eat better and exercise without investing dedicated time.  Your hand weights demo while you attend webinars was a hoot - but it's true!  Funny lady!"

Marcia Mariner, Sacred Wealth Coach (   "You have been such an inspiration to me to keep my creativity at the forefront!  … my interview with you expanded my consciousness of unlimited possibilities!   Keep on shining your beautiful light!  You embody what it means to be a truly wealthy woman!"



You are NOT doomed to remain stuck!! 

Take action - and start living the life you deserve...


How to Help Your Friends in 2018

If they want to make serious changes to their physical health, they need:

1)  If they need better nutrition:  get the 2nd Edition of 101 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes or Less

and get 20 min of FREE laser-focused coaching to blast thru the barriers.  There is NO sales pitch to this offer.

If they want to lose weight, point them to:

2) if they have depression, get them a copy of the 2nd edition of Journey Out of SAD  and the new 101 Stress Busters for Energy, Joy and Healthy Longevity and enroll them in Mindfulness, Meditation and Creativity.  These tools require them to take action in order to collect all the extra freebies within the class (including free coaching!) so it will propel them toward wellness.  This works for both seasonal and year-round depression.  I am a licensed mental health practitioner, so they are in good hands!  

3)  Are they not happy with their career or business?  Are they under-performing with income?  They need the 5 Tools class and 101 Stress Busters.  Buy them the book and turn them on to the class, or vice versa.

4) Are they stressed about the state of the world or the state of their world and either angry all the time or feeling powerless to make changes?  A 30-day program with me will blast them into another realm of being, and as a special deal for you, they will get Red State, Blue Heart as an ebook and free enrollment in the  class.

5) If they have physical health or stress problems, and they like the idea of learning self-healing, gift them or point them to Reiki energy healing.  I teach classes in traditional Usui, Holy Fire Usui and Karuna Reiki (for advanced emotional healing) one weekend in every month, with additional evening options.  The materials ($17 text, etc.) are FREE for my newsletter subscribers only so tell your friends to join!  

If you have friends who are struggling with chronic pain, from the mild to severe, and they don't want drugs, they don't need them!  I am a world-class pain expert and they don't need to suffer another moment longer. The chronic pain class can save their life. 


The most powerful action, for someone who isn't blinded by the bright, shiny objects, someone who wants real value from programs that have been tested by hundreds of buyers, taught by a powerful transformational healer - is a specific program or a customizable 30 day program that includes self-study items like books and classes but leans on individual sessions of coaching, hypnotherapy or both.  The fastest, most powerful change comes from direct one-on-one sessions.  

I don't want you or your friends to just survive.  I want you to thrive.  Turn them on to the amazing options for really and truly soaring with dragons....  With my powerful toolkit, they could be free of their most life-limiting problem in 60 days, so why allow them to continue struggling, when they don’t have to??

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“ We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
— Thornton Wilder