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Want to start enjoying the fun of creative writing, without caring about Other People's Opinions (selling, publishing)?  This is the place!

Are you a professional writer who wants to banish Writer's Block forever?  This is the place!!

The two keys to joy, to better quality writing and to more productivity as a writer are:  
1) better skills and
2) clearing all deep blockages from your creative soul.

You CAN do both - and you deserve the joy that comes from bringing both new worlds and imagined and realized people to life.  


FREE classes for writers - creating engaging non-fiction, banishing writer's block are posted on this page!

When you have drunk deep of the content that is free and are ready to take deeper and more effective action toward your goals, commit to a program!

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Trying to Create – and Can’t?

Writer’s Block can stem from a multitude of causes, from lack of the right execution skills to underlying damage from childhood and life disappointments and trauma.  ALL of this can be expunged with the deep surgery of combined expert coaching and hypnotherapy.  You really can make this common writer’s lament go away forever. 

Think about all the dreams of your soul:  a family memoir; a fan novel; humorous anecdotes for family reunions; being part of a writing group at your church; writing better at work (promotion!  Can I hear an Amen?).   Sign up for a 30 Day program and make Writer’s Block a thing of the past – permanently

As a working author, I understand the deep issues that can drive intermittent writer's block from a practical viewpoint as well as have years of experience helping other writers.  You DON'T need simplistic cookbook approaches (by people presenting turnkey workshops), you don't need overly-complex therapy and you DO need to stop blaming yourself!!  You are not lazy, you are not more neurotic than people who never have writer's block [they are either lying or never take chances with their art, trust me!], and you are not doomed.  Having your productive, creative time wasted is not an inevitable part of the writing life, whether you are doing it as your primary living or you are pursuing side income or no income at all!  You deserve to have ideas and words flow from your fingers, like a mighty stream.

I have 5 years experience using this program to get actual results that work, for writers both professional and recreational.  You deserve to have your full creative potential, free of crippling "blocks."  Take action now!


Setting Up a Regular Creative Regimen – That Works With Your Life

You only need ONE intensive coaching session, ONE hypnotherapy session (optional) and 3 short follow-up sessions to completely turn your “I just can’t find time to create” into “OMG, the words, images and ideas are just EXPLODING out of me!”  Expert coaching and deep mental surgery with Victoria Leo makes barriers of time dissolve.

Only $350 for this special program.  Email for your special signup.

You deserve to soar with dragons!  Don’t settle for just getting by