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It is not just a matter of motivation/willpower.  No one changes the patterns of a lifetime on willpower alone – the structure of the human brain makes that impossible!  It’s not just a matter of learning about nutrition.  Who doesn’t know that vegetables are essential and fried chicken puts you in an early grave??  If all you needed was willpower and a nutrition lecture, we’d all be healthy, trim and strong!  You need a multi-pronged, integrated program to serve all your needs as you change your life for good, based on sound science.  


Victoria Leo, with graduate degrees and certifications in both biology and psychology, has crafted two special weight loss programs that will:


  • shift your mental and physical landscape, so that you are digging up the roots of the surface-level patterns that need to be replaced, 
  • create healthy patterns, 
  • deeply re-program your food habits, 
  • develop and implement action plans, 
  • give yourself daily doses of what you are really seeking when you reach for food, 
  • learn mindfulness/calmness techniques to replace anxiety with contentment and 
  • enjoy a cool new cookbook, designed for people who have better things to do with their time than slave over a stove!  

Weight Be Gone Program


 To bring your unconscious patterns to the surface to be healed and to create new, healthy patterns:

  • Visualization exercises you can practice every day
  • Hypnotherapy to bring unconscious patterns to the surface to be healed
  • Mindfulness exercises that you will practice every day – an easy and very powerful skill.

The book does not have to be bought on Amazon. Please patronize your local independent bookstore!


To transform conscious goals into action plans:


  • Health coaching (combinations of long and short sessions by videoconference)

And – special to the Weight Be Gone programs! – making sure the weight never comes back!

  • a weekly "feeding" session - feeding your soul what it REALLY wants, what food has been substituting for!  

You have spent years trying to unconsciously solve dilemmas in your life by rewarding yourself with the only thing you knew you could control – food treats.  This part of the program introduces you to all the other soul-feeding treats that you really want, but have been convinced that you can’t have


NEW to the program:  101 Stress Busters for Energy, Joy & Healthy Longevity (2017), 245 pages total.  Sure, there's the Usual Suspects of meditation, reiki, tapping, sleep and exercise BUT then we start on 85 stress busters that are FUN, CREATIVE - and did I mention FUN!!  Early reviews are universally 5-stars!  You are going to love this book!  And it's only $9.95 in paper, $1.99 as a Kindle e-book.

This proven, comprehensive program is only $395.   


This comprehensive program REALLY WORKS! 


Weight-Loss Kick Start MiniPackage


The Weight Loss Kick Start package gives you 4 hours of individual clinical hypnotherapy or Soaring Reiki guided journeys, 3 hours of expert Health Coaching, plus a copy of 101 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes or Less, (or another book if you already have it). 


Retail cost of these services would be $555. With the package, you pay only $250. 


You choose the frequency of visits. At least once/week is recommended for hypnotherapy, with coaching by phone or in the office on a different day.