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Last weekend  of every month: Take control of your life!  The very best, fastest and most powerful way to reduce the health costs of stress is with Reiki energy healing.  Take Reiki classes!  Reiki I, II and III (master), plus teacher.  If you are already attuned, sign up to upgrade to the new Holy Fire version!  Karuna Reiki Practitioner and master.  Sign up NOW.

1st 3 Weekends in January:  Reiki I and Reiki II classes.
Last weekend of January: Karuna Master Training for experienced Usui Reiki Masters!

February:  Reiki Master weekend intensive.  If you have been at Level II for at least 6 months practicing every day, or a year practicing intermittently, you are ready for the healing power of Level III - Master practitioner.  

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FREE Mini-Classes and Powerful Full-Length Classes:



Brand NEW Class for January 2018!  
The three powerful tools for sculpting and getting control of your life are mindfulness, meditation and creativity.  Start your journey with this class - it's a beta test so it's free for the month of January.  Help me make it better, and help yourself BIG time!  


5 Tools in 5 Minutes/Day:  for Super Busy Women
The most transformational mini-class Soaring Dragon has ever created:

Kick Dieting to the Curb
Do you suffer from chronic pain?  Painful joints due to arthritis?  Pain caused by another underlying medical condition?  Or pain that has persisted after the underlying problem was healed?  The common back pain?   You are not doomed to either pain or powerful drugs.  Two mainstream medical techniques - Reiki and hypnotherapy - have a powerful impact on pain and a long track-record of success.   Come explore them, along with some fun secondary techniques, in this step-by-step mini-class!


Wonderful FREE Guided Journeys and Webinars:  

Webinars for entrepreneurs, for health and wellness, for personal growth.  Some include guided journeys and hypnotherapy, others are focused how-tos. 


Gorgeous nature videos.  Guided meditations.  Full-length webinars on how to improve your health (significantly!), increase your income (heaps!) and achieve true joy and peace of mind (priceless).